viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017

Hola, I made this Quinceañera album, as you know in México we celebrate the 15 years in the girls, as  the sweet sixteen in USA
The request was to hold 100 6x8" pcis!!! I spend a few nights trying to find the best way to constructed, also they asked no embellishments inside.
For the cover I made my own clay paste and used to the frame, after this dried I cover it with the silver Nuvo mousse, I´m in love of this mousse!! lol :D
Last Macrh I create a book for the party, all the friends write something nice in it and then as now they requested something similar to the invitation
I´m so happy they look similar!!!
Inside the album all the 9 pages have to flaps,as big as the pocket page and inside the pocket is a booklet to hold 4 more pictures, so each page holds 10 pics

the final page has a big envelope with two booklets inside to hold 8 pics, but the envelope is expandable so she can put inside more pics.
I hope you like it, I really appreciate you stop here :)
Here´s the video, sorry for my english! <3

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