miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Isabella´s candy bar

Hola Again!!
This time I want to share with you the latest candy bar for Isabella´s First Communion

This was requested 10 days before!! so I really work as fast as I could, but I´m happy with the result, and most important, Isabella and her mom were more happy!

In this favors I place the spicy nuts. The favors were covered with @Nuvo pink mousse and a @Tim Holtz stencil, and I really love them

In this favors made also with a @Tim Holtz dies were the soft nut cookies, I also made the flowers with the bigz dies from sizzix/Tim Holtz, they were adorable! and the cookies delicious

I was also requested to make a little notebbooks for gifts, they became so pretty, in the next post I´ll place more pics of them ;)

For this display I wanted to make something different so I made a mix media with her name, It was so adorable!! I´ll make a tuto in how do I made it :D

And finnally I wanted to do something different to say is a first communion!! the best part of this mix media is that I gave it to Isabella and she´ll put her pic on it ;)
Thanks for stopping here again, This is the video of this candy bar, Feel free to leave a comment ;)

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