sábado, 7 de octubre de 2017

Memories book

Hola again!!!! This time I want to share with you this new project I made for a wedding in Ensenada's Vineyard, that´s so nice!!! and was really inspirational for me since it was requested
As soon as they told me it's going to be a wedding in a vineyard the idea came to my mine, because I really think is so romantic!!

Fot the cover, the central and most important part of this book, I knew I had to make some grapes,
so I made some with handmade clay paste, and then ink them with distress inks and finnally a beat of mother of pearl Nuvo mousse, trying to find the grapes shine ;)

Also I knew it has to be a barrell, so I made it with out dies, cause I don't have one, so I punched some circles and the last layer embossed with wood embossed folder, for the tap I used the scraps from my cropadile!! :)

Inside the cover is the CD'envelope and some words to the the bride and groom form mom

the back I wanted to embelleshed a beat so I used this beautiful doilly by prima.
I hope you like it! I'm really pleased with the result, next you can follow the video, if you have question or comments feel free to ask ;)

Thanks so much for stopping here!!! see you soon :)

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