domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

Graphic 45 Scrapbook Lamp

Hola!!!! The new year starts with a lot of birthdays in my family, so I made this beautiful lamp for my brother

This was the first time I made a project like this! and it really took me a lot of time, because I was improvising step by step lol!
You can see how many details is in it, because my brother is an arquitect! so I decided to make a house and used stencils for the roof and all the decoration is based in that :)

Inside the lamp the decoration includes some pictures of the paints he made some time ago and gave it to me as a present, so He's also a painter thsat´s why I wanted to included the pics

As you can see I used Graphic 45 papers and they look stunning!!!! for this project. The lamp also has to spaces at both sides to put inside one journal book I gave him before, and all the papers he wants

Making this courtains was a big deal! I tried different ways until I found this and it was so easy!

when they're open you can see inside what's there ;)

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this project!!!! here's the link to presentation:
And if you want to make your own here are the tutorials :)





Thank you so much for stoping here, hope my ideas can be useful! Don't forget to comeback ;)

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