domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

Marie Antoinnete's Candy Bar

Hola again! This beautiful candy bar was a real challenge, the theme requested was Marie Antoinnete, so as soon as they told me my first tought was GILDED LILY by Graphic 45, but the challenge was found all the paper because is an old collection, So I spent some days just looking in etsy, amazo, etc., etc, but the result it was worth it!

My idea was luxury of course because that's all about with royalty, and I think it's luxurious but delicate :)

Every favor box was hand made, and decorated piece by piece, I love to do that!

I also made the desserts

So many hours making and decorating favors!!

I also made this beautiful bottles and I will post the link to the tutorial, is in spanish, but easy to follow ;)

This blue favors are in the stand I made for used it in my candy bars, it looks great!!! 

Look how pretty are the bottles!

Also this are handmade ;) I'll post the video tutorial at the end

I think all the combinations were perfect!!

Here´s the video for the candy bar

And here´s the pots tutorial:

And the bottles tutorial:

Thank you so much for taking your time and spend it in my blog, hope you comeback soon! :)

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